Dr Who Season 1(2005)


01.01 Rose: In the basement of the shop where she works, plastic mannequins begin to attack Rose Tyler. A mysterious man known as "the Doctor" rescues her and they flee the building, which he blows up. The next day Rose and her boyfriend, Mickey Smith visit the man named Clive who runs a conspiracy theory website about a man fitting the Doctor's description who has appeared throughout history. While Rose is talking to Clive, Mickey is kidnapped and replaced by a plastic duplicate. Rose meets the Doctor again where he reveals Mickey to be an Auton and he and Rose locate the Nestene Conciousness which controls the Autons: the London Eye. Rose saves the Doctor and many others the Autons had been killing and she decides to travel with the Doctor through time and space in his TARDIS.

01.02 The End of the World: The Doctor takes Rose to the year 5 billion where they land on a space station which is orbiting the Earth and observing its destruction by the expanding Sun. Among the elite alien guests assembled to watch the phenomenon is Lady Cassandra, who takes pride in being the last pure human, though she has received many operations that have altered her image. It is discovered that Cassandra plans to let the guests die and then profit from the stock increases of their competitors. She departs and brings down the shields, causing harmful direct raditation to penetrate the station. The Doctor manages to reactivate the system and save Rose, after which he brings Cassandra back and she ruptures as she has not been moisturised.

01.03 The Unquiet Dead: The Doctor and Rose travel back to Cardiff in 1869, where a funeral parlour run by Gabriel Sneed with his clairvoyant servant girl Gwyneth contains corpses which have been animated by a mysterious blue vapour. Sneed and Gwyneth kidnap Rose and the Doctor teams up with Charles Dickens to track her down. In the funeral parlour the group is reunited and the Doctor determines that the blue vapour is the result of a being trying to cross a rift in spacetime the parlour is built on. They are revealed to be the Gelth, who animate bodies until they can build their own and are using Gwyneth as a bridge. As the Gelth respond negatively to gas, Gwyneth volunteers to ignite the gas which will kill all the Gelth, and the Doctor, Rose, and Dickens escape before the parlour is engulfed in flames. ** First appearance of Eve Myles, who starred in "Torchwood" as Gwen Cooper. Later revealed to be a descendent of Gwyneth's family. **

01.04 Aliens of London: The Doctor takes Rose back to her home, but they arrive a year after she left. Her mother Jackie is furious with the Doctor, and Mickey has been suspected of murdering Rose. Rose and the Doctor witness a spaceship crash into Big Ben and fall into the River Thames. The Doctor suspects this is a trick and discovers that the ship was launched from earth and the pilot is a pig modified by alien technology. The Prime Minister cannot be located and is replaced by Joseph Green, while Margaret Blaine and Oliver Charles, other high-ranking members of the government, are also called. The group is revealed to be Slitheen, an alien family who have compressed themselves into human "suits".

01.05 World War Three: The Doctor learns that the Slitheen are not invading Earth but rather raiding it for commercial gain. The Slitheeen claim there is a threat to national security and request that the United Nations release the nuclear activation code so they can strike down a dangerous ship hovering over London. The Doctor speculates they will fire at other countries and start World War III and sell the remaining radioactive weapons. The Doctor helps Mickey hack online to fire a non-nuclear missle at 10 Downing Street to destroy the Slitheen gathered there, and the Doctor, Rose, and MP Harriet Jones manage to hide and survive.

01.06 Dalek: The TARDIS is drawn off course by a signal and Rose and The Doctor end up near Salt Lake City, Utah in 2012, in an underground bunker owned by Henry van Statten, a rich collector of alien artefacts. The Doctor encounters his one living exhibit which the Doctor is horrified to discover is a Dalek that survived the Time War, the last survivor of a race of genetically manipulated mutants bound on purging the universe of all non-Dalek life and the Doctor's greatest enemy. One of van Statten's technicians Adam Mitchell leads Rose to the Dalek, but she takes pity on it and touches it, allowing it to absorb her DNA and become active. The Dalek and Rose become trapped together, but it spares her life as it has gained sympathy from Rose's DNA and destroys itself. As the Doctor and Rose leave, Adam boards the TARDIS to avoid the closure of van Statten's Vault.

01.07 The Long Game: The Doctor, Rose, and Adam travel to the year 200,000 and land on the space station Satellite 5, which controls journalism. Ever since the satellite began broadcasting, something has held the human race's attitude and technology back. The Editor invites the Doctor and Rose to the elite Floor 500 where he holds them captive, explaining that he and a creature known as the Jagrafess have made through Satellite 5 the Human Empire a place where the news has installed fear in the human race, keeping them in a closed society. Meanwhile, Adam has installed a port in his head and is transmitting all the knowledge on Satellite 5 to his parent's answering machine at home. This allows Rose and the Doctor to escape and destroys the Editor and the Jagrafess, but the Doctor is furious at Adam and returns him to his house, destroying the answering machine and banishing Adam from the TARDIS. ** Adam is the first companion to be banished from the Tardis. **

01.08 Father's Day: Rose asks the Doctor to take her back to the day her father Pete Tyler died in a hit and run accident, but when she saves him she creates a paradox. The TARDIS appears to be an ordinary police box and flying creatures known as Reapers appear and attempt to treat the wound in time and space by consuming everyone in it. Everyone hides in a church while the Doctor tries to summon the TARDIS. Jackie accuses Pete of having another daughter, and to prove that Rose is the same as the baby Rose, he puts the baby in the older Rose's arms, causing a bigger paradox. Pete realises he must die for everything to be repaired, and throws himself in front of the car which has been appearing and reappearing around the corner of the church.

01.09 The Empty Child: Chasing a metal cylinder marked as "dangerous" through the Time Vortex, the Doctor and Rose land in London during The Blitz of World War II. Rose follows a young boy in a gas mask who repeatedly asks if she is his mother; she climbs a rope which is attached to a barrage balloon that rises into the air. Meanwhile, the Doctor talks with a young woman named Nancy who seems to know about the boy, whom she knows is connected to a bomb-like object which had fallen. Rose is rescued by a Captain Jack Harkness, a time agent-turned-con man who interests Rose in buying a valuable warship. Nancy directs the Doctor to a hospital where Dr Constantine shows him patients with injuries and gas masks identical to the child's, who Nancy claims is her brother, Jamie. Rose and Jack arrive to save the Doctor as Constantine begins to transform like his patients.

01.10 The Doctor Dances: Jack explains that he sent the metal object through the time vortex to attract "Time Agents" to this time period, where he would have them pay for the object, but before they could receive, it a bomb would fall on it. Jack claims that it is a perfectly safe and "empty" old medical transport, but the Doctor is suspicious. At the site where the transport is held, the Doctor realises that it once contained nanogenes that are able to heal wounds and deduces that the nanogenes attempted to heal Jamie, but thought that all humans should have similar injuries and gas masks. Nancy claims it is all her fault as she is actually Jamie's mother, which she admits in front of the child. As they hug, the nanogenes identify Nancy's DNA as being his mother's and reverse Jamie's transformation so that they resemble each other; the rest is done to all the others who had been converted. Jack captures the bomb that would have fallen on the site and the Doctor and Rose rescue him before it explodes, inviting him on the TARDIS.

01.11 Boom Town: The Doctor, Rose, and Jack return to Cardiff to refuel the TARDIS at the rift, and Mickey meets them there. They discover that the Slitheen Margaret Blaine is now the mayor of Cardiff and capture her. The Doctor sees that she has created a nuclear power plant designed to open the rift and destroy Earth, and a device she would use to flee. Margaret objects to being taken back to her home planet, as she is considered a criminal there. After several failed attempts in killing the Doctor, Margaret requests to be taken to another planet. Jack sees the opportunity to use Margaret's extrapolator to speed up recharging the TARDIS, but this proves to be a trap as it was meant to send the nearest alien power source to the rift. As an earthquake strikes Cardiff, Margaret looks into the heart of the TARDIS, which gives her a second chance at life, restoring her back into an egg.

01.12 Bad Wolf: The Doctor, Rose, and Jack wake up from amnesia into various reality television and game shows; the Doctor is in a Big Brother-like house, Rose is a contestant on The Weakest Link where those eliminated are thought to be disintigrated by the Anne Droid, and Jack is on a What Not to Wear-like show where two female robots offer to give contestants a new image. The Doctor and Jack escape from their shows and find they are on Satellite 5 one hundred years later, where it is run by the Badwolf Corporation and known as the Game Station. The Doctor, Jack, and Big Brother contestant Lynda find Rose as she is disintegrated on The Weakest Link and travel to Floor 500, where the Controller informs them that the contestants are not disintegrated but rather transmatted to a point in space. They learn that Rose has arrived on a ship containing Daleks and the Doctor vows to rescue her and destroy the Daleks, which prompt the fleet of 400,000 Daleks to begin invading Earth.

01.13 The Parting of the Ways: The Doctor and Jack take the TARDIS to Rose, where they bring her back to the Game Station after talking to the Dalek Emperor. The Doctor prepares to destroy the Daleks using a Delta Wave and tells Rose to get something from the TARDIS for him; while she is inside, he uses his sonic screwdriver to send her back home. The Daleks invade the Game Station, killing Lynda and Jack among many others. As Rose regains her composure at home, she notices the words "Bad Wolf" around the area where the TARDIS has landed and realises it is a message. With the help of Jackie, Mickey, and a tow truck, she is able to pry open the heart of the TARDIS in hope that its telepathic circuits would see her desire to return to the Doctor. Rose becomes empowered by the Time Vortex and returns to the Doctor, where she uses the vortex's power to destroy the Daleks, revive Jack, and scatter the words "Bad Wolf" throughout time and space to lead herself here. To prevent the power from killing Rose, the Doctor absorbs it by kissing her; she wakes up in the TARDIS as the time energy is destroying the Doctor's cells, forcing him to regenerate into another incarnation.

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